Saturday, 10 December 2011

Going indie…

So, I was thinking’s that’s been a bit over 6 months since I went indie and started pubbing my own stories. It’s been an interesting experience. Do I regret it? Oh hell no. There is nothing like the freedom of doing it on your own terms. Has it been a learning curve? Oh yeah. I have come to view established publishing as being made up of shysters, dopey divas and nongheads who make publishing way more difficult than it has to be. I cannot fathom why e-books have to be so expensive when overheards are low. But that’s greed for you. Has going indie been worth it? Yes. Nothing tastes as good as freedom does. From a slow start it’s been consistent in an upward movement.

Thinking of going indie? It’s hard work but then nothing worthwhile is easy. Indie publishers aren’t about following the mainstream. It’s not about yes-men and screwing authors over. It’s not about dodgy royalty cheques and suspect editor/authors who know nothing but have their lips on the butt of the publisher. It’s about relying on yourself and your instinct. If you have the skin of a rhino, the persistence to carry on even when you wonder what the hell you are doing, a defiant streak of anti-establishment within you and the ability to laugh when all goes wrong then go indie.


anny cook said...

I would expect no less from you. If you look up independent in the dictionary your picture is there as the illustration... :-)

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Amarinda, I'd really like to hear about your progression. You still think it's worth it? I'm on board and yet have my doubts, but then I can't go back to the way things were or are... Know what I mean?