Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The don’t fuck with me phase…

So my car, Verity, is still not fixed and while I was patient to a point, that point has now passed and any modicum of reasonableness I had has disappared and I am now in the seriously do not fuck with me phase that has been known to make grown men cry. I banged off the first salvo today in a letter to pretty much the whole of Hyundai and local government members in Cairns. I have given them a deadline til tomorrow. I’m reasonable like that. After that I take this up the chain until people are screaming at other people to give that bitch what she wants. Oh yeah, it will happen. How do I know this? I come from a long time of people who have the persistence to work their way through the shite and cause maximum trouble to get what I want. Will I get what I want? Oh yeah. Will balls be shrivelled due to this? Not my problem. While I accept some engines can be lemons I will take only so much of ‘we will fix it asap Ms Jones’ bollocks.

The question you feel lucky Hyundai? Well do ya, punk? 


anny cook said...

Go, woman, go!