Saturday, 12 May 2012

Pot Me Not...

I had a friend say to me that he was going to set me up with – let’s call him Max. My friend looked at me like this was a logical idea and he explained the reason why Max and I should be set up together – we’re apparently exactly the same kind of person. I listened politely to my friend all the time thinking how little we know other people sometimes. Anyway, once he had finished the reasons why Max and I were an obvious couple, I asked him why did he think I needed matching up? Why would I want someone exactly like me? Did Max want matching up? And why did he need to match either of us up? While, intentions can be pure, sweet and caring, intentions are often misguided. Yes, the old analogy that there is a ‘lid to every pot’ is quaint and often true, it doesn’t mean all single people are out to get potted. And why, do people who are already in coupledom need to inflict it on single people? Often, there are bloody good reasons why some people are single. They want to be. They can get by on their own and they aren't scared of doing so.

Pot me?  No thanks. I’m doing fine and if Max is anything like me, I bet he is too. If the spirit so moves us towards another it's because it's meant to be and not arranged and not under the influence of finding a lid.  


anny cook said...

Amen! This is exactly right. I do believe there's someone for everyone--if they're LOOKING. But if they're happy as they are, then leave them alone.