Friday, 11 May 2012


I went to a friend’s workplace for lunch. It’s a factory and within the factory is the standard bouffy-boys, kicked in lunch room. It’s not glamorous but having worked in factory environments it didn’t surprise me. My friend, to his due, warned me there would be pictures of naked women on the walls. Again, no surprise. Men are visual creatures. I doubt hardly any of them faced with one of these silicon women straddling various objects in real life would really know what to do with them anyway. 

Anyway, as I sat and ate my sandwich and chatted to my friend I looked at the nekkid women. Oh yeah, they were pretty trashy looking. Was I jealous or offended? Nope. Nothing to be envious of and as for offense at these women being viewed as sexual objects? I could have declined going into that lunchroom when first advised of said nekkid women but I’m sure of who I am as a woman so I’m not given to hysterical rad fem tantrums. Besides I can straddle stuff if I wanted to. The thing that I thought about with these women was that in twenty years time they’re going to look like the rest of us. Older, saggier and probably more wrinkled due to sun damage to their carefully tanned bodies. I asked my friend did seeing these same static women on the wall day after day after day in the same poses actually turn men on? He said no. They were just like wallpaper. So the question then is why bother having these straddlers on the wall? What’s the point? Is it to reaffirm testosterone levels on a daily basis?


anny cook said...

More than likely it's because a couple guys out of the bunch like to look at "nekid wimmun" and the rest don't want to say anything...lest they look like ball-less wonders.