Sunday, 13 May 2012

From now on you’ll be known as the writer called X …

Okay, so there’s this singer called Adele who is world famous and has sold a gazillion CDs and has won numerous awards for what she does. She’s famous despite what some ebook writers may tell you. Then there’s another Adele who writes ebooks and I’m sure has a solid following of readers but essentially she’s not a JK Rowling but then who is in this business? 

So, Sony who contracts the singer Adele and I reckon never knew that other Adele existed until a mass search of the name was probably done on Google, filed a complaint against our ebook writer saying cease and desist – or -  tell us why you are using the name Adele – depending on what version you read. This information then went viral in the ebook writing community and many heels were stamped in outrage.

Seriously Sony? What’s the point? Do you really think the mega rich and famous singer Adele would give a toss one way or the other? It’s not like our girl Adele is any competition for her is it?  Should the writer fight it? Yeah, if what I’m hearing is correct. I’m not sure how ‘outraged’ I’m supposed to be at this story. Insisting I ‘must be’ is not going to create my outrage. I’d like more information before that happens.