Saturday, 19 May 2012

Relay For Life: Who will you Relay for?

Hello...I'm going to join my fellow bootcampers and do an 18 hour baton relay in support of Relay for Life. If you can spare even $5 to sponsor me and help fight cancer I know those with cancer will appreciate it. Please click on the link below - yes, my real name is Janet - Dammit Janet - and please do what you can. Ta muchly.


Erica said...

Best of luck for the run! I didn't even get half way through that video before I started to tear up! I hope you and your team have a great time and hit your fundraising target :)
From Erica

PS. Love your blog, I always feel empowered after reading your posts! :)

Amarinda Jones said...

Ah mate, now you make me feel good and I thank you so much for supporting the fight against cancer