Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Let me eat cake...

Someone got fired at work yesterday. The response from the office IT dweeb who has never held another job, still lives with his parents and thinks women should be submissive towards men?  Are we getting cake? I looked at him and thought how do socially inept people like this twit get through life? He is frankly disgusting in every thought and action. That he could not see that the person who got sacked was dazed was beyond him. Is it a sign of the times we have these people in the world? The ones who don’t care or see or want to because it’s not happening to them so ignorance means safety? No, I wasn't surprised or upset the person got his marching orders but I’m sensitive enough to realize his world had collapsed and I helped him pack up.    

No, we’re not getting cake.
Why not? Someone’s left. We always get cake.

I promised him I would get the biggest and grotesquely overblown cake when he left.

No, he didn't get it. He never will. 


anny cook said...

People like that are missing something in their heart. Were they born that way? Or were they nurtured that way? I don't know. But we've both met them--and I'm pretty sure there's no cure.