Thursday, 21 March 2013

I’m just the Admin chick…

So, a  high faluting manager type nonghead from  Sydney called me in a panic about an engineering structural change and what did I know about it? Had I sent it? Passed it on to anyone? Been asked about it? Er, that would be no, no, no and fuck no man, I’m doing personal printing I don't have time for work stuff today. I also added that as an office manager I managed the officey type thingys and didn’t deal with feral engineering people who, in essence, were quite yucky and reminded me of pubic hair. He then said he would send me info on the engineering thing. I pointed out if he had the info why was he asking me about it because frankly that seemed pretty damn dumb to me.

Anyway, so he sent it to me and said can you format this – he couldn’t – and send it out to everyone. I said sure, whatever. Everyone? Yes everyone.  So I sent it out to everyone. Five minutes later I get a panicked phone call asking me had I sent it out to everyone? Yes.  Every single person in every single office? Yes. Dead silence over the phone before he said did you read it? Er no, I don’t care about metal things with screws and holes punched in them. Did I see the mistake they made in it in it? No. He seemed relieved by this until I mentioned that as a non engineering person if I had of read that sticking steel girders together with spit and sticky tape was the new trend I would have said ‘whatever.’ Silence again. Are you there?  Can we recall the email, was the panicked response.   Sure, but I lets face it that’s not all that effective is it because the minute you send a recall out there like "Amarinda Jones would like to recall the email entitled ‘Spit – the new wonder glue for steel super structures’ due to a boo-boo in it” pretty much everyone is going to want to read that email to find out why the recall. What will we do when they ring and ask about the email? My standard defence to everything in the office? “I’m just the Admin chick man, I don’t know anything.”  Did they ring? Yeah. I said my line and transferred them onwards and upwards as a good admin chick does. I had printing to do.