Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I got a phone call this arvo at work from a colleague in New Zealand. He was laughing. I queried why and he said ‘You sure shut them up.’ Yes. I did. It was about a meeting of me and just 6 men. While all trying to prove they had balls (the jury is still out on that) these men were trying to yell each other down. Having had more than an adequate sufficiently, I told them to ‘Shut the fuck up.’ It’s a very effective move when said quietly yet with meaning. No really. Try it. After they were stunned into quiet, I explained what should be done and how. They agreed. I swear to god, do not interrupt my writing time with meaningless meeting bullshit or I will invoke the power of shut-upped-ness. And let’s be honest here, real men who have nothing to prove don’t get into petty fights do they?