Monday, 18 March 2013

Limp handbags with knobs on them…

So, I was thinking today, at the gym, when I had just finished having a shower and I was having one of those moments when standing naked with your hands behind your back, and it’s not some kinky, sexual thing, but more you can’t put one hook into one eye of your bra despite the fact you’ve been doing it for a zillion years, and I wondered what would happen if all women did away with bras and we just let them all hang loose. Would men be as interested in boobs that hang down like limp handbags with knobs on them? Would we start reading about heroines who still fall in love despite having 40DD’s, back pain, nipple rash on their knees and nipples sticking out through the fabric on their midriff because their boobs were no longer hydraulically up there either through cunning lyrca or the innocence of bouncy youth? Would celebrities go to plastic surgeons anymore? Would we just buy oversized pants and tuck our boobs in at the top leaving our shoulders free because we’ve always had nice shoulders? Would we unite as women because we would no longer be imprisoned by the lace confines of bras?

Nah, probably not.   


anny cook said...

Thank you for the smile!