Saturday, 22 February 2014

I am an abomination…

Dictionary definition of abomination – “A cause of abhorrence or disgust.”

So, apparently I’m an abomination. Yep. You probably didn’t know that. Me? I’ve faced this accusation before by close minded, jealous people who cannot fathom how a single woman should be allowed to own property, speak her mind, live her life by her own dictates, be alone, stand up and be counted, travel, work, vote and for god sake be heterosexual yet feel no need to marry a man. Abomination!

Everyone – apparently – knows women should be married, pregnant, subservient, quiet, controllable, have sex only on Sunday after church in the missionary position, bear children, iron her husband’s clothes and I’m sure a bunch of other stuff but I’m an abomination so I can only speculate so far on what women should do. It destroys the natural order when women are not docile and under a man’s control and there should be laws against it apparently. My thoughts on this? Chances of me shutting up and being controlled? Er – no.

As for being called an abomination due to my rebellious nature to be free? Yeah, I’m okay with that as generally those who are the most overly pious and live in the proverbial glass houses cast stones at others. Batter up!