Friday, 14 February 2014

Shovelling it...

So, I’ve been digging up part of the backyard and laying pavers basically because Laverne, Dulcie and Ursula – my chooks – have a fondness for digging up the area directly where I walk. They’re bad buggers. Anyway, I decided to thwart them and pave the area in question hence the digging. They’ve been scratching around and clucking in derision at this because it’s their backyard and they’re the only ones who like to dig. I have explained to them the too bad, so sad principle and they need to suck it up.  

Back to digging. I am a very good digger. No really. It’s one of my major talents. I inherited it from my mother. She would look at a patch of land, a gleam in her eye, as rapid paver calculations ran through her mind and the next thing I knew I was digging along beside her. I love people who have plans – even mad crazy, back breaking plans where you question your own sanity for jumping aboard their wild scheme. I still have the family shovel. It's a beauty and must be at least 50 years old. Out of my cold, dead hands I say...  

Digging – it’s about stamina – nothing else. I think that’s why I am good at it. I have stamina to burn. And, if you’re ever imprisoned ala The Great Escape and need to dig your way out. Call me. Have shovel will travel.