Friday, 28 February 2014

Weird thing the universe…

That past year has been bloody hard. It’s been all about endings, stopping, starting, fighting, standing up for honour and another’s reputation regardless of personal cost – and it’s been about Karma. I’ve found every time I inch forward I’ve been shunted hard backwards or slammed to a stop and directed on another path to blunder along with no map to follow. Jobs have fallen through but then I’ve been so busy fighting for someone else that I realize I wouldn’t have had time to work at a job. Information has dropped into my lap just when I thought my research had run dry. Lies and half truths have been put forward and the universe has shoved them into my face to investigate and realize the fabrications put before me can be defeated and that I will win for the right reasons.

I don’t mind dealing with Karma. I understand the universe – but I swear, once all this is over I just want a couple of weeks without drama. Do you hear me universe? And Karma? Love ya, but back off.