Sunday, 2 February 2014

Me and Marx...

I have a confession to make. I’m a crammer.  I have been for years. My version of studying is trying to shove as much knowledge into my brain at the last second in the vain hope I’ll remember something. I recall one exam that was to do with Marxism –no, I’m not sure why I was studying that at University. I just was. Anyhow I stood outside the exam chanting to myself, over and over, these tenets of Marxism and wondering at the same time why I was doing it because I thought Marxism was bollocks. Have you noticed that anything with an ‘ism’ is used to sound important and but essentially, in the end, its bollocks? And yes, I did pass the exam on Marx but stuffed if I can remember what his tenets were. But that’s ok, he doesn’t known my tenets so were even. But I digress – so I’m a crammer. Currently I have 4 – yes 4 - pukeable exams next week and I’m cramming info for the first into my brain now. Tomorrow night I’ll cram the second lot and so on. As each exam passes I will instantly forget whatever I’ve learned. Let’s face it – some people are studiers and live by dried out, old theories. Then, there are others like me and you – the normal-ish people – who live life, not always the politically correct way but they do okay and remember important, obscure facts to sprout out over a glass of wine on a warm summer day. 

Life – cram it in then let it go.