Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Wherefore art thou undies?

I went to the doctor today to have a test done…okay, a pap smear. You know, it’s one of those things that women don’t like having done but we do it because death is a really bad alternative. It also makes me think not having sex would have been better as no pap smear test to be done but then you remember what having sex is like and you realise that sex is worth it. I then contemplated, as I do, why people want sex toys stuffed inside various orifices when I have this test done. Some things just aren't natural. Actually, I contemplate all sorts of stuff on a regular basis and not just at pap smear tests.
Anyway, I stripped off from the waist down and had it done and was left to put on my undies and shorts behind the curtain. The shorts I could find but not the undies. Huh? I looked everywhere in the cubicle I was in. Where had they gone? They weren’t in the bed or on the floor. It was quite the conundrum and had me wondering had I actually worn undies in? Hmmm, yes, I had. Okay, was I then losing my mind? I looked at where the bed was attached to the wall. No undies there. I then noticed a small space between the bed and the wall. As I peered over I could just see my undies at over an arms length down at the bottom of that space. I tried pulling the bed out. It was solidly attached. I tried to put my arm down the slight gap to reach them. It was a tight fit and bloody hard to get my arm out once in. I pondered what it would look like if the curtains had opened at that stage with me bare arsed and wiggling to pull my arm out. Not a good look. Once I had pulled my arm out I thought about the undies I had worn. They were nothing special – navy blue with pink lace. As I pulled on my shorts over my bare arse, I decided in years from now when they renovate someone will find the navy blue and pink lace undies and wonder what went on -  especially if there is more than one set of underwear found. Orgy in the Doc’s office? Ah, let ‘em wonder I say…