Sunday, 16 February 2014

So, dear reader, the men were hugely well hung...

So, I’ve been trying to get through reading a series that started off really, really well with this kick arse, heroine Vampire Hunter. I really enjoyed the first 6 books. But now, with only just barely finishing number 12 in the series? All I can say is I don’t care how well endowed the multiple men she has sex with are. Really I don’t. I don’t care if it’s because they’re shape shifters or vampires that makes them so big. And actually, if I understand the heroine correctly who feels the need to discuss size, all the men are enormous and bound to make a woman faint with one glance at said meaty appendages. Did I mention all the men are written as well hung?  I don’t care the heroine appears to be screwing men with big dicks without any reason at all other than somewhere I think the books are trying, in a hazy way, to make out her taking on all well endowed comers is all about finding her authentic self or enhancing her powers or saving the world one supernatural penis after another or the author just decided to weaken the character dramatically by making her into a slut with chapter after chapter focused on penises. Don’t get me wrong. Sluts have their place in literature and penises are fun – well endowed or not. But when a strong, independent heroine becomes a trollop due to a hazy story premise spent discussing how well hung a man is and whether he ‘hurts’ or frightens the woman into an attack of the vapours inadvertently with this well hung-ness and I’m skimming pages to work out what the story was about and is this the same heroine as in Book 4, I say enough of her and the men and their HUGE appendages. I get it. They’re GIGANTIC. I get it. She’s been turned into a weak ninny. I get that and that sex sells. But holy hell enough already! Bring back the character and zip up those pants!