Monday, 19 July 2010

Expose me not…

I got sent an email the other day offering me the chance to write this and that for a magazine and what fantastic exposure it would be for me. I would get paid a pissy little sum and lose royalty rights for the privilege of being seen in a magazine which I had never heard of. Ah, gee, no. It did make me wonder how many writers or wannabe writers get sucked into these marketing scams on the hope that any exposure is good. I expect quite a few do. Why? Because people want to believe in sweet words and promises of writing glory when it’s pretty much a fact that most writers will do ok for themselves but that’s it. The JK’s and Nora’s of the world are few and far between and I have a feeling they never sold their rights for a couple of bucks. While it may be nice to get a random ‘hey write for us’ email – I would be questioning why they need to hunt writers down as opposed to being successful enough for authors to come to them.

Amarinda Jones
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