Saturday, 31 July 2010

The mystical stuff…

I was sitting drinking my coffee this morning thinking about all the mystical stuff that had got me to the point I am at in life. It was all the sliding door moments. Remember that flick with Gwyneth that was all to do with doors opening and closing and which one you are destined to take? I thought about all the doors I had squeezed through, kicked shut and pried open. I have taken paths I would never have taken before if not for crossing those thresholds. I would not have what I do today, met Maverick or the people I have. Life’s funny bordering on freaking weird huh? And despite all I’ve decided I’ve done okay. Yes, I could have done some things better but then I would never have been me.

And the woman with the bear picture? I think it sums up life – not a lot makes sense and some times you just have to wander along with the bear until the snow clears to see where you’re going. Yes…very woo woo stuff.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Sandra Cox said...

Well said. And I love the picture.

DMHart25 said...

Very nicely said.

Hey I have a blog too and was wondering you would mind checking it out, and You like it maybe we can exchange blog roll links.

Thanks a bunch and I love your blog!