Friday, 9 July 2010


Until I was about 30 – I kid you not – I had the worst acne. It’s something the Jones women are cursed with. I tried everything to rid myself of it. My mother, wise woman that she was, said ‘it will go and remember you’re descended from the Kings of Scotland.’ My mother had a fierce belief in her kids and that there was nothing we couldn’t do or be or overcome. The ‘Kings of Scotland’ thing was a Jones Family rallying cry. Long story. So, despite the inward lack of confidence due to the acne I never let on outwardly how I felt. I soldiered on and got on with life. Besides what was terrible acne when other people had so much worse in their lives? Get a grip woman.

Why do I bring this up? I was chatting to an acquaintance who’s a beauty therapist and I mentioned that I don’t believe in foundation and powder on my face as I personally found it unnatural. I wear lipstick – that’s it…and I brush my hair once a day. I’m a take-me-as-you-find-me-kind-of-woman. She said ‘are you kidding me? Your skin is flawless. I just assumed you wore foundation to get it so smooth and even.’ And there it was. The hallelujah chorus of angels rang out. Vindication for all those years of god awful acne. I just smiled and pondered how fickle life was – kick you then raise you up.

I say to anyone who has acne and is depressed about it or it’s kicking your self confidence to hell – this too shall pass.

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