Friday, 16 July 2010

Found for words…

The lovely Maverick came up with a beaut new word today. I like making words up so I was quite impressed with this one – “refinivity.” He was agreeing (smart boy) with me about how bloody refined I am and he came up with it. Excellent.

T, a work colleague, and I kept ourselves sane be using the word ‘losp’ in sentences. Why ‘losp’? Well someone asked her about losps and she said what the hell’s a losp and she got no response – I suspect it’s a technical doo-dad-thingy – so we used it in all our sentences. “I have a losp on the phone for you.” “Did you want to come out and sign for this losp?” “Are you going to the losp?” Yep, stupid but it kept us from screaming.

So, anything can be a word if you really want it to be. I learned that a university. Good to know the BA wasn’t a complete waste of time…

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Sandra Cox said...

refinivity--I like it!