Friday, 2 July 2010

It’s all about Friday…

- Started off the day with the gym and 2 cups of coffee…bonus of this? One counteracts the others in a really pleasant way.
- Spoke to the lovely Maverick who explained, as only he can, the concept of 'Good morning' - don’t ask – all you need to know is he’s lovely.
- Balanced books and then dealt with the unbalanced.
- Drank more coffee
- Gossiped
- Did boring work stuff
- Ate a homemade chicken salad sandwich – most impressed at my ability to make sandwiches
- Had more coffee
- Swore some at the ‘unbalanced’ people holding me up at finishing boring work stuff
- Stamped feet
- Foot stamping got me what I wanted
- Delayed taking conference call as busy
- Dialed into conference call
- Wandered off mid way in conference call
- Wandered back to say ‘uh huh’
- Wandered off
- Came back in time to say ‘oh yeah, sure’ and ‘goodbye’
- Skidded out of work car park in Patrick, my car
- Stopped to buy 2 jars of coffee
- Spoke to lovely Maverick

Friday done, baby…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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ovelhadog said...
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Sandra Cox said...

Enjoy your weekend. Coffee and lovely Maverick a nice combination.