Monday, 12 July 2010

Stupid love…

A non-writing colleague pointed out to me that romance/erotica novels perpetuate the belief that everyone should be in love and make those who aren’t in love more desperate to find love. My response? ‘Nuh-ah’ followed by ‘bollocks.’ I’m not responsible for love or sex. It’s not in my job description. If people read romance or indulge in erotica it’s because they like the genre – the fantasy. If they like horror stories it’s the same deal. Thriller writers don’t expect people will want to go out and kill after reading their books do they? So love - if you want it I hope you find it. If you’re in love – I’m happy for you but writers aren’t responsible for other people’s feelings. How can they be? There’s gazllions of people who read books. We’re flat out remembering to change our socks sometimes let alone be in charge of love.

But in saying all that I heard this song on the way home, one I particularly like, and I thought to myself…well, of course love is stupid at times and maybe we could blame that interfering toe-rag Cupid and suggest where he can shove his arrow…

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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