Thursday, 1 July 2010

The Vampire's Bride | BookStrand

'Sextreme' huh? Who'd have thunk it of little ol' me?

The Vampire’s Bride is out today…the blurb…

Josephine McDonough loved a vampire once. But he left her. Now she’s set to marry someone else. Someone who will remain true to her. Alaric, her vampire ex-lover, is not about to allow that to happen. He needs her. He loves her. She is also the key to him getting something he dearly wants - Maverick House – it is his birthright.

Alaric crashes her wedding and takes Josephine back to Maverick House. While she loves Alaric how does she know he will be faithful and not leave her again? When she finds out that he needs her to obtain the house she is furious. Does Alaric love her at all? And then there’s his cousin Richard. Josephine doesn’t love him but she lusts after him. He answers the dark, sexual cravings of her soul.

Does Josephine stay or go? And does she have any say it in at all? Maverick House rules their destiny.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Sandra Cox said...

Congratulation!!! It sounds good. Wishing you mega sales.