Monday, 27 September 2010

It freaks me out, man....

The neighbourhood where I live has a school close by. On my morning ramble around the Heights I pass through the school and along the streets. The pavement is lined with totem poles to guide the kids who are on foot to school. It’s a good, quaint idea. Most of the totem poles – like the first one – make total sense to me. But these other two? Well, they freak me out, man. Why? Well first up the pirate worries me. He doesn’t look right. It’s that scary lopsided grin that indicates something creepy going on and he doesn’t look sure if he’s happy about it or not. He also looks constipated to me. And what’s with the other one who appears to be in handcuffs? He’s smartly dressed. Is he going to court? Why the cuffs? What did he do? Should he be on the streets? Is he in cahoots with the constipated pirate? Lordy, it freaks me out..

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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