Sunday, 5 September 2010

Life is not a romance novel…

I heard this song as I was driving back from the country yesterday and it took me back to an argument I had with a friend years ago. I was young – 19 - and dumb and travelling the world seeing what it had to offer. I met up with a group of like minded individuals and we wandered through Europe. The argument? Well, at 19, and knowing everything, I said it’s was wrong to deny loving someone because you were scared or insecure as it was not fair on the other person. My friend’s point of view was sometimes its better not to admit to stuff that can hurt you and to just go with the flow – to take what is given and expect nothing so you’re not wounded. I thought she was so wrong. I mean we grow up wanting to be in love with ‘the one’ and why hide feelings like that? What about the other person?

Now older and still dumb I actually understand what this song means. I get it. To me, it’s about packaging your feelings to protect yourself. Some feelings are messy and complicated and it’s better to neatly pack those inconvenient ones up in a box and take and give what you can and yeah – go with the flow and don’t ask for the impossible. Life is not a romance novel.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Sandra Cox said...

I admire people who after getting burned to flinders are still willing to take the risk. I have no idea what flinders are.