Thursday, 16 September 2010

Ugly ducklings

I had a real estate agent (realtor) come the other day to value my property for sale. My life is taking a wild 180 degree turn and I’m taking chances on the opportunities that are being thrust my way. The agent walked around my house, made notes and scribbled down a figure. He stopped and asked me what I thought the price would be. I thought back to when I bought the house ten years ago. I bought into a suburb that everyone said was ‘bad’ and ‘poor’ as you do when you have no money but lots of hope. Everyone thought I was mad. I was – still am – but I always believe everything has potential even though it may be hidden. I gave him the figure I thought. He smiled and showed me what it was really worth. I nearly fell down in shock – and it takes a lot to shock me.

‘Poor’ and ‘bad’? Nah – just an ugly duckling biding it’s time.

Amarinda Jones
Penn Halligan
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Sandra Cox said...

Its the queen of swans now:)