Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Unrequited love...

Unrequited love. There’s something sad, noble and in some cases just so bloody stupid about falling in love with someone you can never have. But people do. They can’t help themselves and we like to read about it or watch it in movies. I reckon the reason we find it interesting is we wonder what we would do in the same situation. Does he love her? Does she need him? Is there a possibility they could ever be? Should he/she throw away the current relationship because the passion felt for another is so overwhelming that not being with them would be wrong? Or is it just that – wildfire passion that will burn itself out so why give up on a stable relationship? I believe it’s the unfathomables of why two people – totally diverse – find passion and the fact you can love more than one person in your life, that interests us. Love. It’s a bitch of a thing and yet we still do it. Go figure.


Sandra Cox said...

You can fight it and push it to the darkest corners of your mind, but it doesn't go away. You just keep on keeping on.