Friday, 1 February 2013

Boy zombie logic...

So, today at work one of the zombies said to another zombie, “My washing machine is broken.” The response from zombie 2 was “What’s wrong with your wife?” Then they giggled, as boy zombies do. When I took zombie 2 to task over sexist bullshit he said “But women are supposed to do laundry.” He also added that’s what he tells everyone. I said "Ever told an actual human woman and not a blonde, big boobed gamer simulation that?" He said no but "it didn’t matter as it was a woman’s job." I said “How’s that working out for you with women? You must be considered something else by them.” He took this as a compliment. I took it that his mother does his washing.  


anny cook said...

Exactly. The hunk does his own laundry... he doesn't like the way I do it... :-)