Thursday, 31 January 2013

Oh bugger off…

So, I had someone tell me that I should slow down. Why? Because you’re getting older. Why? Because you need to look after yourself more. Why? Because that’s what people do when they get older. Who? What people? Useless people who were wusses in their youth and are likely to be wusses in their old age? People who believe once you pass 40 you’re dead? Think of it as aging gracefully. I’ve never been graceful. Okay, well think of it as your right to take it easy. Bollocks. I'm 49. I'm not dead.

The thing is, I’ve always done everything fast and furious. Is that likely to change? Er…no. As for rights? Do what you know is best for you based on your life experience and the innate knowledge and belief YOU have in yourself. That is your right. Age how YOU want to age and not some preconceived idea from some person who is full of bollocks. Live how YOU want. You want to get older and crotchety? Fine. You want to get older and fabulous like me? Excellent.
Aging. Get over it. It’s only numbers.