Sunday, 6 January 2013


I’ve been thinking about men and how many of them I know have a female nemesis. I started this train of thought while writing a new story. I thought about the men I know and the women who have or are driving them crazy. It’s not just through marriage or sex. It could be work or anything. Sometimes it’s to do with sexual chemistry and other times its pure hatred of each other – an acid like relationship that burns intensely. I have to admit I find these relationships interesting to watch as the combatants face each other pissed as hell and ready to react to the smallest slight. Why is there this intenseness in their relationship? Past mistakes? Past life experience? Weird, oh-god-I-don’t-ever-want-to-want-them-kill-me-before-I-ask-for-that attraction? Or are some people so negatively charged to another’s positivity that nothing but sparks and shocks can come out of it?

Am I a nemesis to some man? Lord, I hope so….


Sandra Cox said...

Have a quick Monday.