Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Stupid Cow...

So, last night, New Years Eve, when I met up with some people I knew, there was this one woman who looked at what I was wearing with such, undisguised distaste that I came very close to verbally snotting her. Snotting = smacking her down. Anyway, she looked from my sparkly sandalled feet up to my bare legs and over the dress I was wearing with such obvious, undisguised distaste that I was quite repulsed by her. I find her difficult to deal with at the best of times but I do in deference to a friend. In essence, she’s a stupid cow. Not a bitch. She’s too obvious to be a bitch. There’s no subtly about her. So I shut up and said nothing as I didn’t want to upset the apple cart and cause problems for my friend. But oh, it was damn hard and letting her get away with this. Beyond hard especially when I’m pretty damn sure she does this to other woman.  

I have to wonder when women like this will realize that a look of unbridled disgust, such as she gave me, can be as wounding as a slap. If I was a less confident person I probably would have burst into tears and hidden. But I’m not and the likes of this woman is not worth my time.

I know of no woman who is so beautiful or perfect that she can draw attention to her obvious ignorance by trying to take down or demean another. This stupid cow? I’ve never really looked at her physically, her words, spirit and actions annoy me too much to focus on her outside appearance. 

I do know one thing, if she does it again, the kid gloves will come off and it will be on. And yeah, I plan to stay away from her for a while.  Friendship with another is too important to risk on a stupid cow.


anny cook said...

Exactly. What you said...