Monday, 7 January 2013

Pee Wee...

So, I was bored shiteless at work once again today. I had done all my personal things and was contemplating doing some writing when I thought I’d scope out a few people I used to work with in Brisbane.  I googled some names and wasted time checking where people were today in their lives. When I typed in one name in particular and his smiling face came up and listed his job as less than the job he had when I was working for the company, I smiled. Why? Pee Wee, not his real name but one we bestowed upon him, had been a charmingly slimy rodent of a man who had no concept of what real people in call centres went through. Oh, the battles I had with him. Needless to say I wasn’t one of his favourite people – oh boo hoo – because I was neither charmed by him nor was I scared of him.

I did peer support in the call centre. I used to be a union delegate until I realized the Union was a bunch of wankers who did nothing but take your fees. To do something for yourself you have to be prepared to stand up for yourself and often alone. When you couldn’t you called in help. With peer support, I was called into meetings to support fellow call centre workers who were deemed to be in trouble. Never ever argue the toss with me. I will always win. I can argue with the devil and make him cry. Pee Wee learned that time and time again. Probably one of the best meetings I ever had with him was the day after he had slept with one the call centre staff and it ended real badly and she told everyone in the call centre, predominantly women, he had a very, very, very small penis. As we sat across from one another at the table, I said nothing about his penis. That was not my business, interest and neither is penis size a relevant issue ever. I just looked at him and smiled because all of that was to him. I won that day and not because his penis is reportedly small. I won because he never understood the people who he was supposed to manage and never ever sleep with a female co-worker and then not follow through. It’s doomed to failure. Okay, yeah, maybe the penis thing helped as he was off his game.   

The story ‘Because I Can’ is based on that moment in my life. Write what you know I say. If you haven’t lived it, don’t write it.

As for Pee Wee, I hope he’s learned that the little people can roar like lions when cornered and they deserve to be treated with respect lest you get eaten or your penis size is called into question. It’s the size of your heart and how far you will go for justice that beats size, money and power.