Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dolores Diva-Knorktwipple Author…

Dolores Diva-Knorktwipple Author.  I just liked your author page. Please return the favor and like mine at Dolores Diva-KnorktwippleAuthor.

I don’t get the need to have an author page let alone insist that friendship must be returned and like for like given because if one does it all must do it. Seriously? Is it high school or what?

Facebook is great. Friend me. Unfriend me. Whatever. But insist people must like you on a reciprocal basis? Yeah, that’s really friendly. Authors are the worst at it with a seemingly whomever has the most ‘likes’ wins attitude. 

To the Dolores Diva-Knorktwipple Authors out there – I promise I will never ask you to like me so don’t ask me. I prefer people I can talk to on Facebook as opposed to 'like' counters.  


anny cook said...

Generally, they fall in the same category as the ones who loudly declare their place on the sales ranks for Amazon...