Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I think that's fair...

So, I – again - sent off forms to the IRS – Internal Revenue Service – in the USA to prove to those dumb arsed, pillock heads that I am indeed an Aussie and foreign to their extremely foreign government of people who I would trust as far as I could throw them that I have no intention of paying tax that will go to loser welfare people in the US when we have our own losers in Australia who I can support. I say pay for your own losers based on nationality. I don’t want some 16 year old American baby making machine, with her 17 year old unemployed, not in school boyfriend and her two other snotty nosed kids by two separate fathers of differing ethnicity using my hard earned $$ to buy McDonalds, Red Bull, whatever the hell Kim Kardashian is now flogging and Justin Beiber records. I think that’s fair.

Oh, and IRS? You can come visit me in Cairns if you still don’t believe I’m foreign. I would just love to talk to you in person and share my thoughts.