Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fancy Nancy…

So, I received an email from someone telling me that she and her book club were reading Prince Vampire and discussing it each week. Huh. Fancy Nancy. It never occurred to me that readers would discuss any book I had written in a group. Why didn’t it? I don’t know. It could be because I generally write what I like, think and believe and if someone takes a punt on my work and spends a couple of bucks to buy it, then that’s good and appreciated. I’ve never thought about groups reading and discussing together the subtext of one of my stories. And while it was nice feedback, crap feedback is also okay to get. What you say? You want to hear bad stuff? Sure. I’m a big girl. I appreciate all different points of view and I don’t expect everyone to love or like what I write. I’d be a pretty damn shallow writer if I couldn’t take negative feedback.

But - even more gobsmacking - one of the chooks laid an egg! Huzzah! 


anny cook said...

Heh. A two for're officially a BOOK CLUB author! And an egg besides. Can it get any better???