Thursday, 10 January 2013


So, I always enjoy it at work, like today, when a male says to me ‘do you think you can do that by yourself or shall we get Biff to help you?’ The inference is that as a woman I am too dumb to be able to do something that a male – I’m conveniently calling him Biff – can do. My answer to this is ‘Oh, golly gee no. Let Biff do it.’ Could I have done what they asked of me? Yep. Absolutely. No problem at all. Why didn’t I? I didn’t want to waste my time doing some menial, boring task a ‘Biff’ can do. See? That’s female logic for you. Let the Biffs of the world do the tedious stuff. I’m going to get paid either way so it works better for me to do what suits me. I’m sure most sensible women would agree.   


anny cook said...

Absolutely. That's why we have Biffs.