Saturday, 26 January 2013

Because I’m an Australian…

 …I can run for exercise and not in fear from war or religious persecution because I am a woman. I can say and do what I like, not expecting people to always agree with it but knowing the spirit of free speech and ‘have a go’ is what Australia was built on. I can dress as I choose, have the friends that I do and live how I want. I can roam the vast land of Australia knowing there is no better place on the planet. I have food, water, shelter and I work for what I have and I’m grateful I have the Aussie spirit that makes me understand hard work brings reward. I can appreciate, respect and even be fond of animals that will kill without thinking because they’re our animals and they’re unique. I don’t have to follow sport but when Australia’s playing I do because we’re the best because we try the hardest. And if we don’t win? That’s okay because we have so many other amazing things in ours lives and the other blokes probably needed the win to make their lives better. 

In a land where we’re so culturally diverse we all speak the same lingo and a mate is a mate and if you get into a fight you know exactly who will be standing at your side taking the blows with you. Give me a lamington, a stubbie, a barbie and beach. Give me the mountains, the creek and the crocodiles. Let me run along the Esplanade in the pouring rain. Let me drink coffee while scanning the sea. Let me speak plainly and succinctly yet knowing as I do so I have had my say and no one can take that from me because I’m an Australian. I have it all and I don’t forget that.