Thursday, 24 January 2013

Arse showing...

Weird thing. I spoke to someone in a position of power today and asked what his deal was and did he have a problem with me because he was pissing me off. Yes. Correct. It’s the old Jones Family go-for-the-jugular-move. Life is short. Don’t piss us around. We rarely stand by and say nothing. Anyway, so I asked the question and the answer came back that he was ‘unsure’ and often ‘needed to ask several times to reassure himself’ what he was doing was right. Huh. Fancy getting paid a shite-load of money and need to be reassured? Ever noticed how the plebs like you and me, getting paid the basic wage, need no reassurance? Is it because the higher you climb up the corporate ladder the more your arse hangs out and the more you have to fear? Or is it, as I suspect, that the real people like you and me have lives outside of work and if our arse shows then hell, you were damn lucky to see it.   


anny cook said...

Yes, I like the last option. Very true.