Friday, 15 March 2013

So tell me what you want what you really, really want…

So, I was running along the Cairns Esplanade this morning at god-awful 5:30am, nodding and hello-ing the usual crew of walkers and runners who are all up and about cursing the need to be fit, when I saw a group of shadowy people ahead of me. Now, I’m not a scared person by nature but neither am I about to thrust myself into trouble in the half dark. I kept up a steady pace as I ran towards them, sussing them out. As I came closer I heard loud voices, saw people pushing each other and jumping on and off skateboards. Right. Possible trouble I thought until I heard - “…So, tell me what you want what you really, really want…”

Hmmm…urban thugs cranking out the Spice Girls. I ran closer. “If you wanna be my lover...” Yes, scary, scary stuff. I ran up to them. A couple of young blokes said ‘good morning’ as they moved off the pavement to let me through. One warned me to watch out for a skateboard nowhere near me. I said ‘no worries’ and ‘thanks’. As I ran on further I heard a young woman singing along with - “Make it last forever, friendship never ends…”

Spice Girls. Crank it up and have a good time.

“I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha”