Tuesday, 5 March 2013


So, I went into town, did bootcamp, the gym and then got in my car and realized I had left not only my lunch and my specs behind at home but more importantly, I left my USB stick with my current work in progress (wip). Quel horreur! How am I supposed to be at my day job all day and not do personal stuff? It would be just wrong. I would probably get a leg cramp or a headache or something. It was only 7:50am so I drove home and I ran into them. Oh the unspeakable, insidious horror of them. I couldn’t believe what was happening on the way into my perfect lovely rainforest suburb. They were everywhere. I couldn’t move because of them. How could there be so many? There were a massive cluster of them choking the streets. I looked left, then right. There was nowhere to turn to avoid them. They closed in on me and I wanted to flee, to scream and fight my way free of them. But it was impossible. They were slow, crawling, deceptive and sinister, all having the same mark of Satan on them – the ‘my family’ sticker. Them. The parents of the snotty Jeminas, hormonal Harrys, precious Tarquins and soon to be pregnant Brittanys. It was the school run. Eeeek! 'My family' are scary enough on normal streets. But outside schools? On the inhumanity of it.