Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Can you say penis?

Today, we had a heavy work training session on medical terminology and joy, oh frigging joy, there will be an exam on it. Anyway, during the training the trainer, in all seriousness, said 'Does anyone have a problem with saying penis or vagina?' The woman beside me replied, without thinking ' I love penis.' Of course, we all laughed. What she meant was she loved the word penis. I don't know why. But then I like the word pukeable. And, no none of us had problems with wordage of said penis and said vagina. Apparently, people do. I recall a writer, years ago, haven't heard much of her on the writing scene probably also for the same amount of years, went on a rant on her blog at the time about writers who called vaginas, well, vaginas. Why she was ranting? No idea. To my mind, body parts are just that. There is no mystery any more. Things just are.