Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ipso facto

So, I’m going to be doing this training shortly for a new job. It’s in another city and they put you up in an apartment. It’s not just me. There are other people too. Some people may have to share a two bedroom apartment. Hmmm…sharing huh? I can share. No really, I can. Probably. Possibly. I just prefer not to. I think it’s a Queen like complex I have. Everything I see is my domain and I will scatter my  assorted crap accordingly. Anyway I filled out the various forms to do with accommodation. There was a section on compatibility and living with others. It was a tick and flick thing – do you smoke, have weird religious observances, dance naked, speak in tongues, snore…hmmm…snore. I ticked that one. Do I snore? Nope. Why did I tick it? Well, people who snore are annoying ipso facto no one wants to share with a snorer now do they? Will this ploy work? Not sure. If it doesn’t I may have to walk around naked, speaking in tongues and genuflecting. Nude, jabbering, praying chicks have to be a turn off surely.