Tuesday, 7 January 2014

All a little too Kumbaya...

I saw this picture on someone’s Facebook. Some women were drooling over this guy because he’s pretty and sensitive looking and undoubtedly could sing Kumbaya while he massages a woman’s shoulders as she pours out her woes about how no one but him understands her. All I could think was what a wimp and as ebook heroes go, any heroine would have to look after her own arse with him around. Yes, yes, yes – it’s not all about looks. He’s probably incredibly good at knitting - he's wearing a cardigan for god sake - or maypole dancing or quoting his own sensitive, soul like poetry as he makes potpourri and strums a harp. It also looks like that sensitive, new age, I-care-deeply looking head is photo-shopped on that body. And yes, that happens all the time with ebook covers to make women believe there are Kumbaya men out there.

I guess my main issue with him is that I feel the heroine could beat him up quite easily. He’d, of course, forgive her and maybe make something like chocolate muffins with smiley faces on them to make her feel happy and fulfilled with him being in her life.

Nup, as heroes go, I just can’t see Kumbaya Man cutting it.