Saturday, 18 January 2014

The usual suspects…

So, I’ve done week one of a seven week training course. It’s pretty damn full on what with codes, medical terminology, exams and frigging homework. The people in the training course follow the same standard pattern of any course I've been in. It’s like someone had a list, ticking it off, as they gathered the usual suspects together: -

  1. the extremely annoying non-funny woman who tells everyone she is ‘kooky’ and ‘very funny’ on a regular basis just in case we’re likely to think she’s not funny – common occurrence - and go with ‘just plain irritating.’
  2. the deep, intensely existential man who thinks he has the wisdom of the ages and that everyone wants to sit at his feet and listen when he's really just full of shit..
  3. the country girl away from home and everything is ‘well, golly…’ who makes you smile with her ‘well gollyness.’
  4. the man that knows everything and constantly interjects, at any opportunity, with ‘when I was in…’   
  5. the woman that appears to just be at training, where the food is very, very good, to eat everything in sight.
  6. the man who analyses everything he eats and then goes into a long dissertation on why everything will kill you as you sit there eating it.
  7. the Dad who worries whether everyone will get to training on time and drives the training bus because he’s very responsible.
  8. the woman who swears every second word.
  9. the clothes analyser who has a heated, distainful opinion on what everyone is wearing but only brought one change of clothes for herself.
  10. The divisionists who decide who belongs on what team or in which group and 'no, you can't joins us because we've decided you're not one of us.' 
  11. then there’s the woman who just wants to get through the bloody course without thinking about food, clothes, navel gazing, alcohol, I-remember-when-ness,  kookiness and who hates who…

Humans = weirdos