Friday, 10 January 2014

I done good...

I was sauntering along the Cairns esplanade on my usual 5km, walking and running, thinking about the upcoming trip down to the big smoke for 7 weeks of training for a new job. The training is held smack bang where I used to work 25 odd years ago. I thought back to then. I had no money, a thousand year old, decrepit, beat up car that stalled constantly, a mortgage that I could barely pay, I made my own clothes due to no money and I worked constant overtime to the point that there were nights when I got home that I would have gladly fallen asleep on the carpet to avoid having to walk the extra distance to my bedroom. But that’s life ain’t it? We – you – me – work, sacrifice, save, lose sleep, make do and get by in order to be better 25 years later down the track. I’m proud of what I’ve done and where I'm at. I worked bloody hard for it. While I’m not a great believer in going backwards in life, sometimes it’s good to see where you started just to remind you how far you’ve come.