Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Discussed the following….

….men and their pelvises. Huh? Why? Well, it started out harmlessly enough. I was at work talking on line to friend and talented author Barbara Huffert . Possibly I should have been working at my day job but I wasn’t in the mood. You know what? Really work is to blame for the whole men and pelvis discussion. Anyway, Barbara and I were talking about training and public speaking and the possible fear that some people have when standing up and speaking. I don’t because I have the ability to talk under water with marbles in my mouth…no, I’ve never tried it but I think it is doable.

So, how did the pelvis thing come about? Well I mentioned to B that there used to be this manager I knew that used to lecture staff, in my old job, en masse in the auditorium with his legs apart and his pelvis thrust forward. It’s very dominant body language. He was also an arrogant wanker. We used to stare at his pelvis until he went and stood behind the lectern. He did the same thing every time he lectured us. Now, I have to ask you if you had a bunch of call centre workers, predominantly female who had heard every possible obscene suggestion through their headset when speaking to the public and still they did not blink an eye as they filed their nails, do you think a show of male domination is going to scare that bunch? I think not.

So why do men do it? No, really I want to know. I get that some men may want to attract a woman’s attention but 99% of the time she is not looking there – unless a man is naked then the percentage drops. She is looking at his eyes, his mouth and his hands. A simple look can be more intimidating that a pelvis thrust.

After B went offline due to the whole other side of the world thing happening, I emailed best friend Ethel across town and asked her opinion. Although I can’t repeat what she said because it’s obscene and possibly physically impossible for a man to do – not sure though - she works in an all male office – she did indicate that men were well odd on what they thought women believed. I guess that sums it up.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?