Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The art of cut and run...

So, I have this situation where I have to leave one thing and go to another thing as gracefully as possible. I’m working on an exit strategy that allows me to do this with the minimum of drama. Normally, I’m a great believer in burning bridges then blowing them up. This time I can’t. This time I have to be subtle. Usually I’m about as subtle as a sledgehammer. In essence I have to lie my arse off and sound as convincing and regretful as possible. Can I do it? Oh hell yeah. I come from a long line of dramatic women who often found themselves in “situations” and can cry on cue if needs be. And the thing is this wasn’t a situation of my own making. I had been put in a position where I had to rely on others - I hate doing that - it always implodes. Now I have to spin off this fascinating series of lies – yes, they may very well be in a future book – so I can delicately cut and run. Oh hard…

Exit strategy = lie arse off then scarper. I may well go to hell in a handbag for it but I figure the most interesting people will be down there.

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