Saturday, 8 January 2011

Three for a fiver...

I went to the basketball last night. Cairns Taipans were playing Gold Coast Blaze. Who won? Well, that was the question I asked after the game. Why? I went walkabout in the second half. I’m not the slightest bit sporty. I went for the tribal atmosphere of people dressed in orange – I cannot begin to tell you how crapacious I look in orange - and to sell raffle tickets - to support the local kids in their basketball campaign - with a friend. We stood on a street corner and badgered people into buying them. Did people buy? Of course. I can be very annoying and persistent and my friend could charm the pants off anyone. It was fun. It was all about having no shame and acting silly to catch people’s attention.

Oh – and the Cairns Taipans won – but of course - and, more importantly - they won by enough points – over the magical 85 – to guarantee everyone in the stadium a free cheeseburger at Maccas (McDonalds).

Tomorrow’s blog? The mystery of shuffle pants….

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Sandra Cox said...

You've been doing the basketball thing here lately. Good for you.