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Moonwatchers by Sandra Cox...


The moon is a celestial body that orbits earth. There are more than three hundred known moons in the universe. There’re asteroid moons and small moons. The earth’s moon governs the tides. High tide is the result of the pull of the moon. It’s over 384,000 miles from earth and takes over twenty-seven days to orbit the earth.
The moon also governs werewolves.

A half moon is when the moon has traveled a quarter way around the earth.

A full moon takes place when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun.
Werewolves are particularly powerful during a full moon.

A blue moon is when two full moons occur in one month.
Werewolves are even more powerful than during full moons.

A crimson moon (in the book Moon Watchers) is an unheard of third full moon in one month. If a werewolf removes the beating heart of a werehunter on this night, it will make him/her invincible.


I took one last look out the window. Thick, icy pellets of snow plopped against the Plexiglas. The full moon meandered in and out of gray clouds. Nothing disturbed nature’s serenity. No goose bumps roughened my skin. No nerves crawled along the surface. The Weres were gone. I’d feel it if they were still around.
By morning we’d have a couple of feet of snow. There’s nothing more I can do tonight. I don’t have enough information to go tracking Weres especially in what gives all indications of turning into a blizzard.
At that exact moment, the wind whipped up and howled. I jumped then straightened, disgusted with my girlie nerves. Enough, I’m going to bed.

I extinguished the fire in the fireplace, went in the bedroom and shucked my clothes. Then put on gray thermal jammies and crawled between warm flannel sheets. I pulled the heavy, green comforter edged with moose and pinecones up to my nose, leaned back against the pillows and clicked the TV remote.
A red-nosed anchorman stood in the middle of the blizzard, hunched inside his hooded olive parka. “Strange weather patterns all over the U.S. And if that’s not odd enough, there are three full moons scheduled to appear this month. One, of course, was tonight. There will be another next week and another two days after what some folks call the blue moon.”
My eyes widened, my mouth dropped and I sat straight up in bed, barely aware of the chill in the room as the coverlet dropped to my waist. Holy crap. Three full moons in the same month? I’ve never heard of that before.
I clicked off the television, dropped back on the pillows and heaved a sigh. Three full moons. This did not bode well for a solitary Werewolf hunter, namely yours truly.


To celebrate the release of Moon Watchers, I’ll be running a contest from Jan 15 and Feb 2. The winner will be announced Feb 5. To enter just leave a comment at and mention Moon Watchers and Amarinda Jones.

What do you win?

An autographed copy of Moon Watchers
A Starbucks gift certificate
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