Sunday, 9 January 2011

The mystery of shuffle pants...

I was talking to an intelligent young man last night. He’s 12 and desperate for a pair of shuffle pants. I had no idea what they were, so I researched them and I discovered this – they’re a conspiracy to bring back ghastly 1970’s fashions. They’re flared, in bright colours and you wear/have braces with them. See pics. Shuffle pants reminded me of Bay City Roller pants. Remember those? I had friends who would not speak to their parents for weeks because they were denied access to buy them.

As the young gentleman explained his dire need for them, it reminded me of being a kid all those years ago. Are they a fad? Oh hell yeah. Are shuffle pants designed to drive parents mad? Of course – it’s cosmic payback for whatever fad those parents were desperate for when they were 12. Are they cheap? Nope – they cost a bomb. Will he get the shuffle pants he craves? Of course. He’ll wear ‘em for a couple of weeks until the next fad hits the streets and they’ll be ditched. He’s a kid – that’s his job.

Shuffle pants - nothing is new under the sun.

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Sandra Cox said...

Lets not knock styles of the 70s. grin.

Rick Henry said...

you sir, are wrong, a lot of the people who I know that shuffle are 18-25 and we all rock phats.
Dont judge what you dont know.
The idea is to make it look like youre gliding when you shuffle, they have reflective tape to make them look good at events, and every shuffler designs his own. They cost from $100-$250.